Lab Reports


All lab report forms from the WLHS Physical Science Lab Manual are presented below.  They are in MS-Word format and may be printed.

When requested, student written reports must be done according to the instructions in the Data Presentation Instructions.   They should be typed using Times Roman Font, 12 pt. type.


Activity 1-1    Measurements

Activity 1-2    Unit Conversions

Activity 1-3    Labware

Lab 1-1    Metric Ruler

Lab 1-2    Graduated Cylinder

Lab 1-3    Balance Lab

Lab 1-4    Measure and Graphs

Lab 1-5    Sig Figs

Lab 1-6    Measuring Decathalon

Activity 2-1    Density Writing Assignment

Lab 2-1  Density Lab - solids

Lab 2-2  Density Lab - liquids

Lab 2-3 Physical and Chemical Changes

Lab 3-1  States of Matter

Lab 4-1  BB lab

Lab 4-2  Ionization Energy

Lab 5-1  Model of an Atom

Lab 5-2  Ionic and Covalent Bonds

Lab 5-3  Flame Test

Lab 5-4  Organic Models

Lab 5-5  Alcohol and Organic Acids

Lab 6-1  Single Replacement

Lab 6-2  Non-metal Reactions

Lab 6-3  Double Replacement

Lab 6-4  Catalyst Reaction

Lab 7-1  Prepare an Alloy

Lab 7-2  Boiling Points of Solutions

Lab 8-1  pH

Lab 8-2  Titration

Lab 10-1  Speed Lab

Lab 10-2  Friction

Lab 11-1  Constant Force, Changing Mass

Lab 11-2  Constant Mass, Changing Force

Lab 11-3  Downhill Racer

Lab 11-4  Momentum Lab

Lab 11-5  Momentum and Mass

Lab 12-1  Class of Lever

Lab 12-2  Mass of coins

Lab 12-3  Pulleys

Lab 12-4  Inclined Planes

Lab 12-5  Screws

Lab 12-6  Balloon Popper

Lab 12-7  Power Lab

Lab 12-8  Swinging Pendulum

Lab 12-9  Bouncing balls

Lab 13-1  Convection

Lab 13-2  Specific Heat

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